The Truth about Penis Size

So you’ve heard many women and sexologist say time and again that size doesn’t matter but you cannot believe it? Don’t worry; almost all men are like that!

Considering the upsurge in the porn cult everywhere in the past decade, it seems natural that men compare their penis size with these porn stars and discussions with other men around them make them conscious of their penis size if they are at least not a 6” man.

So even if some women say that penis size doesn’t matter to them, it seems hard to believe it. Plus, this consciousness of a smaller penis size gnaws the confidence of men, making them feel inadequate or incapable of pleasing their partners perfectly and thereby affecting their performance in bed.

If you still feel that you need bigger penis to keep your woman, read on to know how you can enhance the size of your penis with the following safe solutions:

  1. Stop Smoking – When you smoke, your arteries become narrower, not allowing proper flow of blood. When the blood flow is less, the size of your penis is smaller.

    Exercise your complete body and not just the penis to enhance blood flow.

  2. Exercise – This is one of the most important ways to enhance the size of penis. Penile size, whether it is in erect state or flaccid, depends upon blood flow. When you exercise, your arteries pump more blood and there is an increase in blood flow into the penis.

    Cut down intake of cheese and meat for healthy arteries.

  3. Good diet – A good diet is essential to increase your penis size. When you eat food rich in fibers, the cholesterol in your body is lowered and the arteries are healthier. This promotes blood flow into the penis. Include 5-8 servings of fibrous foods per day in your diet in the form of vegetables and fruits. Avoid the diet rich in animal fat. This diet increases your cholesterol levels and narrows your arteries that affect the blood flow towards the penis.
  4. Lose Your Belly – You may find it strange but the truth is that your belly is responsible for the small size of your penis. The belly falls over the base of the penis making it look smaller. Therefore, if you want to know the correct size of your penis, then lose your belly first.
  5. Meditate – Meditation helps the muscles in the body including the penis muscles to relax. When you worry about your performance in bed or your penis size, the muscles of penis contract and limit blood flow. Therefore, include meditation as a part of your life to enhance penis size.
  6. Keep Yourself Warm – When you are cold, the penis shrinks in size. You would have noticed that the size increases when you are taking a hot shower.

    Take a hot shower before sex for a good bedroom performance.

If you have been considering surgery as an option, remember that it is a painful procedure and is not always a successful one. Rather than considering surgery, look at other options that give you pain-free enhancement.

There are other many other ways to enhance penis size. While the above-mentioned tips are meant to enhance your penile size naturally, it is quite possible that you may need medical help to increase the size. At such a time, you can use the methods given below for temporary enhancement:

Penis Pumps – These pumps have a pump and a plastic tube. These are operated manually with an attached hand bulb. Squeezing the bulb creates a vacuum around the penis, promoting blood flow. As a result, the size of the penis increases.

Cock Rings – When you are in a state of erection, wear this rubber ring so that it encircles the base of the penis. Basically, the work of the cock ring is to sustain erection by restricting outflow of blood.

You may even consider taking penis enlargement pills for permanent results. But remember to do a thorough research and read some testimonials before you buy them.

Although all these methods and tips are meant to help you to enhance your penis size, remember that a big penis is not the only thing that keeps a woman happy in bed. Make sure that you are considerate and gentle, and in tune with her needs.