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Rock Solid Erections: Exercise is must

A lot of people want a broader penis and be able to attain rock solid erections. That is quite a normal thing, but it does not occur in two days or whatever is being claimed nowadays. If one would like to gather information on how to boost the thickness of one’s penis, and attain a large amount harder and long lasting erections, one should keep on reading further.

Q) What is the main difference between a normal erection and a rock solid erection?

*) The dissimilarity in a penis that has a usual erection and a penis that has metal solid erection is fairly a lot, particularly for women. One’s woman can experience the distinction, having practiced it first hand. So what one needs to do is to augment the breadth of one’s penis and be capable to accomplish rock hard erections.

Q) What is the role of exercises to attain rock solid erections?

*) Exercises of any sort appear boring to many people, but that is what one requires to do if one wants to observe results and boost one’s partners contentment. What one needs to do is to merge the “milking” work out with the PC flex every day, ten minutes each day.

Q) How to perform “milking” exercise?

*) One uses his hand to create an “OK” sign and get a rigid grasp at the bottom of the penis. Now, gradually move the hand away from the body, allowing the blood into the penis top, and flex the PC muscle, the muscle one would use if one decides to discontinue urinating in progress, at the similar time. To obtain good results this exercise should be done about 100 times in a day. One’s sex life will perk up and one’s wife/girlfriend/sex partner will be elated.